Thunder Bay Health Sciences Centre visits Think Research to share QBP success

November 21, 2017

By: Roger Beharry Lall

At Think Research, we develop knowledge-based tools that empower clinicians to deliver the best evidence-based care to patients, driving better patient outcomes. We’re driven by our mission to help organize the world’s health information so that everyone gets the best care. This manifests itself in many ways, but one great example of how we’re helping  to improve healthcare is through our Quality Based Procedures program. QBPs helps translate information and knowledge in health care handbooks and ministry policies step-by-step. Our QBP program helps align existing order sets within a hospital or clinic setting into its provincial program. Also, our Order Set solution helps clinicians save time and energy to accurately interpret and align medical recommendations. It aims to help each patient get the highest quality care through standardization.

One of our recent deployments of the QBP program was at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Their successful adoption has brought dramatic improvements and the has even gotten them noticed! In fact, you can check out some coverage on Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre on Health Sciences Foundation, Canadian Healthcare Technology, and TBRHSC. “It’s the road map to (patients’) stay, so it’s pretty important stuff,” says Keith Taylor, the chair of the patient and family advisory council at the hospital in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Think Research was thrilled to host Keith at the TRC office where he shared with all of our developers, clinical research, implementation, and administrative staff the successes and highlight of introducing Think Research’s technology into Thunder Bay’s facility. The Order Set deployment will include hip fractions, knee and hip replacements heart failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and community-acquired pneumonia. Taylor says, “the move to digital order sets will improve efficiencies and outcomes at the Thunder Bay, Ont., hospital.” (Cathy Alex/CBC).

al Health Sciences Centre Chief of Staff echoes these positive sentiments with,  “Digital order sets find the right balance between efficiency and accessibility. Physicians having increased and convenient access to standardized, evidence based will help improve patient safety.” Thunder Bay has plans to expand and adopt new departments and across additional conditions as Think Research expands our Order Sets.

Are you sharing best practices across within your network? Could your clinic or hospital benefit from using digitized Order Sets or QBPs? Have you deployed the best clinical tools successfully across all departments to benefit both patients and improve your efficiency? Think Research is proud to be working with nearly a hundred of hospitals across the province and of course Keith Taylor and the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre team to standardize best practices, reduce medical errors and give real-time analytics through digital technology.