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Sharing System-wide Practices with OLTCA and Health Acheive

November 1, 2017

By: Roger Beharry Lall, SVP of Marketing

Over the years Think Research has been fortunate to partner with industry leaders such as The Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) and The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA). In conjunction with these leaders, we’ve been able to deploy LTC clinical support tools and programs through a cloud based platform to support best practices to improve today’s health care.

In this vein, recently Sachin Aggarwal, our CEO was part of a panel discussion at “The Stakeholder Engagement Day” hosted by OLTCA and facilitated by Dr. Sasha Bhatia. Sharon Lee Smith, Nancy Naylor, Associate Deputy Ministers in their respective fields opened the discussion providing a community update including a dementia strategy and capacity plan for the Ontario’s long-term healthcare sector. Following this, OLTCA’s CEO, Candace Chartier, gave a riveting talk on the perception around provincial healthcare called “Build it and They Will Come.” This speech shed some insightful thoughts around on the future of Ontario’s healthcare.

The highlight of the afternoon was a collaborative 3 hour group breakout session. Attendees were sub sectioned and assigned to tables with a high-spirited facilitator. Each group discussed perplexing barriers in the healthcare industry.

These discussions provided a bit of foreshadowing for the upcoming industry panel discussion to be held on November 6-7 at the Point Click Care Summit where Candace will be joining Think Research to speak in even greater detail around the Canadian experience in LTC entitled “Introduction to Canadian Care Content”. The focus is centered around managing and reducing risk to enhance customer experience.

Every organization wants to provide high-quality care that produces best-in-class quality measures. It’s why we do what we do. Achieving that goal requires the management of a complex array of inputs that impact the quality equation—without increasing cost. Their dialogue will address how providers are able to maintain regulatory compliance while driving evidence-based care processes that deliver best-in-class outcomes.

Certainly the OLTCA engagement day, was a great and I’m sure these conversations will continue, in LTC homes, attendee dinner tables, The PCC Summit and the upcoming trade show, HealthAchieve. Only by talking about the challenges, and opportunities, can we collectively begin to improve healthcare in Ontario, and around the world.

PS – If you’re attending HealthAchieve, be sure to stop by, socialize and “mix it up!” at our annual open house hosted at our office on November 6th. For more information, click here