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January 2, 2018

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Last month, Think Research ventured out to the North East Local Health Integration Network (NE LHIN) for client care engagement. Our goal was to learn about their deployment, and how we could help optimize and support them.

At Think Research, we believe meeting face-to-face with clinical staff is a crucial aspect of client care engagement. Part of this process is a series of face-to-face meetings at different points in the user journey. The North East LHINs were using our products EntryPoint, Patient Order Sets, and Data Analytics Dashboards since 2014. They started as acute clients, then became more involved as a result of the Ministry of Health’s initiatives for Quality-Based Procedures. 

Despite snowy conditions, our fearless, ever-committed Client Services team went to visit as many locations as possible. Thanks to hard work, determination, they persevered (with no snow tires), visiting the following hospitals in this region:  

Our Client Services team with Tammy Small, Clinical Manager at Espanola Regional Hospital.   

  • Hopital de Notre Dame
  • Espanola General
  • Kirkland and District           
  • Englehart and District
  • Smooth Rock Falls Hospital
  • Sault Area General Hospital

Having used our products for several years, the clinicians had enough time to integrate our tools into their everyday workflow, and had a good sense of whats working, whats not, where to improve, and how others could benefit from their experience. 

What we discovered

A lot of their challenges revolved around a lack of support and resources in-house to effectively utilize our technology, a common issue across many hospitals and jurisdictions. Luckily, we were able to share some tips and tricks to help them reduce the burden.  

Additionally, our Client Success team works with a large number of clinicians to onboard these tools, and customize processes to their clinical needs. Insights from our network are delivered through our Value Added Offering, and are available to all clients. Contact your Client Success Manager to inquire and learn more about how you could benefit. 


 After our visit to the North East LHIN, we learned a lot about how our Client Success teams can help improve communication, educating about our Value Added Offering at multiple points in the user journey. With so many hospitals and LHIN’s using Think Research, we’ve just scratched the surface. Plans are in place to visit as many regions as possible, let’s just hope for better weather (see a snippet of our drive below)!

If you’d like to help coordinate your sites visit, feel free to contact your Client Success Manager at Think Research.