Finding a Career in Healthcare

March 28, 2017

Guest Post – Michael Cheung, Business Development Associate

Closing off my 18th (and for now, what I hope is my final) year of formal education, I, like most other soon-to-be graduates wondered what’s next. Graduating with a degree in math, environmental studies, and geography, I knew that grad school wasn’t for me, and neither was continuing what would have been my third year working at Krispy Kreme. I was surrounded by similarly bright, driven friends and peers- most of whom also had little to no idea of where they might be in a year.


Somewhere in the midst of submitting applications for jobs that I was overqualified for, and others that I was so wildly under-qualified, my work-study supervisor asked me if I would be interested in a sales position at a healthcare technology company. I had no background whatsoever in healthcare, ‘underperformed’, shall we say, in my first year coding course and was much more passive than the salespeople I had heard about or seen on TV.

But still, I told her I was and had a phone interview scheduled for the next week.  My interview process spanned over the course of two weeks, and during that time I had the chance to tour the office and meet with a few members of the team. I remember being told on my tour about the great work culture in the office, how awesome all the employees are and how fulfilling the work is, yet thinking to myself that every employer says this and asking myself how realistic it could possibly be.

I joined Think Research in May 2016 as a Business Development Associate, expecting (and expected) to spend my day cold calling around Canada to see who would be interested in purchasing software solutions. For the first couple of weeks that’s just what I did, but since then I’ve taken off. I’ve never experienced the same amount of room for growth that I’ve experienced here at Think, and I haven’t felt the same amount of support for my own growth than I have since I took driver’s ed when I was 16.

Almost a year later, I can say that none of that was untrue. I’m still in love with my job and I look forward to coming to work. I’ve developed incredible relationships with my colleagues – relationships that I never guessed that I would have made and that I don’t intend on letting go of anytime soon. I’ve gained an understanding of where healthcare is, especially in Canada, and developed a real curiosity and hunger for how I, myself, can make a difference in the way that patients are cared for.

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I’m so grateful for the opportunities that I’ve had here and very proud of the work that I’ve done. I’ve had the chance to visit hospitals around the province, learning about the way healthcare is delivered and seeing ways in which it can be dramatically improved. I’ve had the opportunity to pitch our solutions to CTOs, CMOs, CNOs, other C-level executives, ICU Chiefs and nurses (to name a few) in hospitals around the country.  I’ve been a part of the core team leading a successful Quality-Based Procedures (QBP) provincial program that has already exceeded its initial goals and is expected to continue to exceed expectations.

If my experience going forward is anything like the last year. I’m excited to see where my time at Think Research will take me.