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MyTeam: Site Visit at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre

November 29, 2017

Recently, Think Research joined the team from Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre for a ‘site visit’ with The Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE). The OCE drives the development of Ontario’s economy and leading-edge technologies, best practices and research, OCE invests in sectors such as advanced health, digital media and information communications, advanced manufacturing and materials. OCE works directly with academia and industry to bring prospective partners together to turn ideas into income. We at Think Research are incredibly honoured to be working with OCE as they are investing in a number of healthcare projects around the province including the development of the MyTeam application.

MyTeam is an innovative mobile application that consolidates individual patient’s needs and allows for care interventions tailored to patient’s unique health needs, abilities, circumstances and goals. With MyTeam, there is a greater continuity of care with shared platform for the patient, their family/caregivers and their care team. Both patients and healthcare providers benefits from the app as visit time is focused on working towards patient’s goals due to efficiency gained by reviewing patient data prior to visit.

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre who’s very mission is to “invent the future of healthcare through ground breaking research” has been a great partner for Think Research so this site visit was a perfect ‘celebration’ as we move into the next phases of the program. During the site visit,  Saurabh Mukhi, our CTO, along with Dr. Jocelyn Charles from Sunnybrook gave an insightful presentation explaining how the app enhances patient-provider relationships.

As chronic diseases are rising by 14% each year in Canada, MyTeam helps bridge the gap in the current healthcare system through digital technology. The aim for this mobile app is to increase the ability for patients  to manage their well-being more actively in conjunction with their healthcare provider team resulting in fewer hospital visits. There will be a clinical trial with 40 patients and care providers that is currently in progress to help pilot MyTeam within the Ontario community. The trial will provide a cross-sectional analysis of existing home care amongst patients.

This user-friendly application is a smart phone app that helps patients monitor their overall health. The app allows for daily monitoring of healthcare related behaviours and resulting treatment needs. MyTeam is different from any other existing app as it can connect patients with complex conditions to their physicians. It also directly connects patients with their physician’s digital frame work and aligns with existing system such as Health Links, IMPACT-Plus, OTN, Telehomecare.