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Think Research Strives to be Great: AHCA/NCAL Conference & Jim Collins

November 23, 2017

By: Roger Beharry Lall

As I reflect on the past month, one standout moment is definitely attending the AHCA/NCAL conference. As a relative new entrant to the healthcare market, these conferences are an unparalleled way for me to gain greater understanding around the clinical context and segment subtleties. Interestingly though the highlight of this conference for me had nothing to do with SNFs, CPOEs, EMR integrations, or outcomes measurement. It was the conference keynote, Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, that had me most inspired. Not only is he a legend in the field of leadership and management, but the timing of these events couldn’t have been better as we literally just finished handing out copies of Good to Great to our entire staff to kick off Think Research’s very own book club! The health care industry is often criticized (unfairly!) for being laggards to corporate trends, but in this instance, Think Research was clearly ahead of the game!

Traditionally, I wouldn’t have thought that corporate tomes like Good to Great wouldn’t apply to health care, but clearly this is no longer the case! In fact I had many fascinating conversations at AHCA/NCAL with others who also loved Collins’ book. At their very core, healthcare workers’ sole passion is to offer compassionate care that stems from valuable purpose, so it’s not surprising that professionals in the post-acute sector, care deeply about their residents and patients and go above and beyond to provide the best care despite many constraints and the shifting political/economic realities highlighted during the AHCA/NACL conference. This commitment to value is clearly at the core of any great organization

Given the tumultuous times LTC facilities are facing, leadership is critical. Collins describes this as “level 5 leaders.” – someone who embodies the duality of professional will and personal humility. Professional leaders set appropriate standards in hopes to motivate and shift their companies towards greatness. Conversely, personal humility are level 5 leaders who show “compelling modesty” for their people (not themselves) and display traits of un boastful behavior. Level 5 leaders are those who focus on finding the right people to drive a company to success regardless of their personal opinions or biases.

The type of leaders Think Research employ are those who care deeply about their people – it’s in our values, and part of our vision. And we’re honoured to collaborate with so many people across hospitals, LTC facilities, and health care systems who share these values. Together, we are transforming healthcare and solving real world problems – every day! Our work is never over, we will never stop striving to become level 5 leaders, and perhaps it’s a story we can all learn from each other.