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Healthtech tales from the road!

October 3, 2016

MatrixCare’s annual user conference – Directions2016, started off with a warm welcome from CEO John Damgaard. All of us appreciated his frankness when it came to discussing the pace at which the industry is shifting toward fee-for-value (rather than fee-for-service).

Multiple laughs (and nods in agreement) spread across the audience of approximately 500 attendees when he suggested that the US government had previously moved slowly when it came to pushing out healthcare policy; particularly when juxtaposed to the speed at which they’re moving today.

The past 2 years have seen alternative payment models appear with “catlike stealthiness.” One moment experiments like bundled payment seemed like whispers, the next, multiple geographies across the US saw the mandatory implementation of bundles like ones for joint replacement and cardiac care.

In a fee-for-value world, our products really shine! The reality is, governments don’t have the money to care for the seniors we’ll have tomorrow the way we care for them today. “The math doesn’t work unless we change things dramatically.”

At Think we know we can change things dramatically with content-driven software. Our content supports patient care at the episode of care and across the continuum, so front-line providers are assured that they are providing the most appropriate care, highest value care at the right time.

To succeed in value, providers need 3 weapons:
● Analytics at a care setting and continuum level
● Clinical Decision Support
● Care coordination

The great thing about our approach is that we’ve specialized in those weapons for years:

Knowledge-driven, evidence-based applications that deliver content to:
● Generate analytics at a care setting and continuum level
● Create a strong foundation of Clinical Decision Support
● Facilitate care coordination from a moment-in-time across the continuum

The attendees are all current MatrixCare clients so we’ve been thrilled by the level of interest not only for order sets, but eForms! Our booth has been very popular!


People are tremendously excited about our partnership with MatrixCare and are very keen to have access to order sets as soon as possible but it’s clear that there is an even bigger appetite for eForms now. From office managers, accountants to clinical directors, 95% of those that we’ve talked to about eForms immediately respond with “we need this”.

It was a great few days in sunny Orlando and we had a fantastic time telling the Think Research story! We are looking forward to meeting and reconnecting with more of our colleagues at the upcoming conferences! We’ll see you at

AHCA/NCAL Convention & Expo
October 16-19
Nashville, TN

LeadingAge Annual Meeting
November 1-4
Boston, MA

Stay tuned for more Healthtech tales from the road!