Health care transformation

Codify: A Creative Approach to Improve Health Care.

January 7, 2016

With its many moving parts and evolving complexities, reforming health care is no easy task. Replete with unique challenges, it’s going to take an innovative approach to tackle the issues affecting health care. At Think Research, we’ve devoted ourselves to solving these problems head on with our uniquely designed digital clinical solutions, but, we’ve also determined to highlight and address some of them creatively, processing them through the insights, analyses, and ideas of our clinical and technology experts.

Why are we doing this?

Increasingly sophisticated mobile and cloud-based technology has connected the world more than ever, yet health care has routinely stagnated in the midst of this global, digital revolution. Health care’s technological lethargy is only a symptom of deeper, more precarious issues, such as a 17-year knowledge gap from research to practice, a lack of collaboration and communication between clinicians, increasing medication transcription errors, and inefficient health care spending. Ironically, embracing technology could very well be the catalyst to actually realizing change and much-needed innovation in the sector.

What is Codify?

As clinical research continues to develop and inform our knowledge base, the focus must now shift towards distilling and honing that knowledge into actionable means of delivering higher quality care. To codify, means to take complex human expertise, the type that is not easily articulated or transferred to another individual, and convert it to explicit knowledge, that which can be organized, structured, and effectively conveyed to someone else. At Think Research, our mission is to do just that – convert hundreds of years of clinical expertise and know-how into clinical decision support tools that can be acted upon at the point of care.

Through Codify, we’ve initiated a creative avenue by which we can not only share our passion about clinical content-driven digital solutions, but our commitment to promoting evidence-based best practice implementation in hospitals across the globe, ultimately realizing safer, more connected and efficient health care systems throughout.

What to expect?

Codify will feature diverse forms of content highlighting intriguing ideas, insights, and resources from Think Research’s health care and technology thought leaders. Codify aims to engage and connect the health care community through thought-provoking material to pursue valuable efforts towards making a lasting impact in the industry.

At its core, health care is a collaborative endeavor. By bringing all these disjointed parts together through open dialogue, insightful and thought-provoking content, and active social media engagement, we can foster a seamlessly connected and effective health care model that supports hardworking clinicians, and delivers the best care to patients.